3 easy styles for those non-shampoo days!

We've all been there, you're now going on your third day without shampooing your hair, and you look like a hot mess. Luckily, you more than likely have a bottle of Aveda dry-shampoo in your cabinet. Sometimes even the dry-shampoo isn't enough, your hair still looks flat and blahh...

So here we are! Aveda artist, Cambre, has shared her tips and how to give your sad tresses more ummph!


1. Top Knot

cam blog 2.jpg
  • Start by applying Aveda dry-shampoo to the roots. Next, brush it through so the hair doesn't look dull.
  • Pull up the top half of the hair and smooth it with a paddle brush.
  • Wrap the remainder of the hair that is hanging down into a bun. (For extra wows: you can also secure the top of the hair with an elastic and braid it!) Be sure the bun sitting on the crown. Extra tip: Tuck the end piece underneath the bun for a cleaner look.
  • Secure with 3-6 bobby pins. Hairspray it with Aveda Control Force for extra security.     


2.  Braided Bun

cam blog.jpg 1.jpg
  • Again, dry-shampoo should be applied first and foremost!  You can start this look with 1 or 2 braids.
  • Braid your hair and secure the end with a small clear elastic.
  • Starting from the bottom of the braid, pull each loop of the braid loose to give it extra volume.
  • Wrap the braid to create a bun on the lower side of your head. Have fun and get creative! If you have 2 braids you can intertwine them to get more of an elegant style.
  • Secure with 6-10 bobby pins. Hairspray with Aveda Control Force for additional support.




3. Dutch Buns

  • Psst! Don't forget the dry-shampoo!
  • Dutch braid 2 braids on each side of your head.
  • Secure with clear elastics for a seamless look.
  • Fluff your braids up a little by pulling each braid loop firmly 2-4 times.
  • Wrap each braid into 2 separate buns.
  • Secure each side with 5-8 bobby pins. Don't go light on the hairspray!





3 Easy Ways to Revive your Hairstyle! Now get your mirror and try it for yourself.

More importantly, rock your confidence!