5 ways to pamper your scalp!

Is your scalp jealous of all the care you give the hair? Don't forget to pamper your scalp, it has a big job! Aveda educator and salon owner, Rebekah Norrell, explains a few steps to create the perfect foundation for the hair of your dreams.

1. Be kind to your scalp: Rinse thoroughly, don't use scalding hot water, give yourself a great massage (hey, you deserve it).

2. Get those digits moving: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Get rid of excess product and oil build up.

3. Customize your care: One size doesn't fit all. The scalp has to be treated differently than the hair. Be sure to customize your care for each skin type.

4. Use a moisturizer: Just like skin, your scalp benefits from moisture. Use a scalp concentrated treatment. Pramasana scalp treatment can adjust the levels of the PH in your hair to its balanced state, 4.5 to 5.5 on the scale.

5. Talk to your hair doctor: Your stylist sees your scalp more than you do, and at every angle. Ask your stylist to recommend a custom scalp facial. Get a home purescription for a healthy scalp.

Pramasana is Aveda's plant powered technology to effectively treat all scalps. Visit Salon Norrell and ask for your scalp analysis.