The Busy Woman's Guide to Halloween Makeup!

Having trouble thinking of a costume for an upcoming Halloween Bash? No time to go out and find something to wear? Look in your makeup bag, AVEDA has you covered! Here are some quick, inexpensive ideas to get you from drab to fab in the blink of a witch’s eye.

  1. Scare-Crowess

Dust off that flannel hanging in the back of your closet, and borrow a cowboy hat if you don’t already have one. For this look, widen your smile and outline your nose with stitched lines with Aveda’s petal essence eye definer in Black Orchid. Create dramatic eyes by over lining the top and bottom lid, so the crows can see you from afar! Dust petal essence eye color trio in Copper Haze on your nose, cheeks and lids and you’re look is complete!

2. Doll Face

Have a pair of lashes laying around? Attach them to your bottom lid! If not, draw them on with your Black Orchid eye definer. Create a cupid’s kiss by filling in the inside of your lips into a heart shape with feed my lips pure nourish-mint lipstick in Jujube. Lastly, make your rosey cheeks pop with petal essence face accents in Rose Blossom. Style your hair in tight curls and wear a cute dress, and everyone will wonder what fountain of youth you’re drinking from!

3. Pop-Art Patty

With some carefully spaced polka dots and dramatic expression, you can appear as if you crawled off the canvas of a Lichtenstein comic! Grab your Black Orchid eye definer and fill in your eye brows and create expression lines to dramatize your look! To create the news print dots, equally space them across your face with feed my lips pure nourish-mint lip liner in Pomegranate. Lastly, brighten up that kisser with your favorite red lipstick, outlined in black and a shine spot with a shimmery white eye shadow, like petal essence eye color in Moon. Give yourself a big Texas blowout and put on your best 1950’s inspired garb, and Voila!

4. Mermaid Melody

For this look, pick up some inexpensive fishnet panty hose. Lay them on on the edges of your forehead and cheekbones and dust the outer edge with the darkest shade of your petal essence eye color trio in Aqua Pearl, and the shimmery base with the lightest color of the trio. Really up the shine, by highlighting the highest ridges of your face with petal essence eye color in Illumination. Use the same eyeshadow trio on your lids to magnify your siren’s gaze! Put your damp hair in braids, and blow it dry. Unbraid your hair for effortless beach waves and spray in your AVEDA Texture Tonic for added body and hold. With your favorite summer sarong, your look is a vision!

5. Widow’s Revenge

Trying to get your spook on? Want to slip into that black dress you’ve been DYING to wear? Get your creep on, girl! For this ghoulish look, apply petal essence eye color trio in Black Tulip, concentrating the darkest shade around the outer edges and lower lids. Draw a thick line with your Black Orchid liner around and on your water line. Finish off with mosscara in Black Forest on your lashes. Not in the mood to make yourself cry? Wet the pointed end of your eye shadow brush and drag the shadow down and around your cheeks, like how a tear would fall. For added spook, draw a simple spider’s web coming off your eyebrow to give the effect of rising from the grave. Fill your lips with a blood red hue like feed my lips pure nourish-mint lipstick in Morello, and dust the outer edges of your lips for haunting depth with your black eyeshadow.

Still not confident in making your look come to life? Pop into the salon and we’ll make these Halloween looks a reality! We love pampering ALL our guests, human and un-dead.